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Sweet amateur wife Dasha getting nympho ass creamed and muff fingered by her husband Max

Max and Dasha are a very sensual couple that love to penetrate. Dasha has great skin, and she also has a vagina that loves to be played with and rubbed with oil. Max is going to take very immense of his cute girlfriend and make sure that her beaver is going to be serviced well. She is going to get a really good chopper caressing from Max’s strong hands that are so familiar with what she likes in her camel. Both Max and Dasha are skilled in making a attractive sex video. Dasha’s slit is always well taken care of by Max.

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Kelli Stone – Cock Pro

Cock Pro

Cock Pro

Does Kelli have what it takes to make it in Hollywood? She does if there's a cock involved. That's because Kelli knows how to make a guy hard with her flat chest, wet pussy and tight ass. During her "audition", she giggles while she spreads her legs and shows off her pussy. But what really wins him over are her dick-sucking skills. Find out just what an oral pro Kelli is and how she discovered handless masturbation.

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Kylie Richards – Tender Tart

Tender Tart

Tender Tart

You flattie lovers out there are gonna love this one. The girl's name is Kylie Richards, she's 20 years old and from Pasadena, California, and she has absolutely no tits at all. Yep, she's nothing but nipple, and she's cute as can be with a very pretty face and a perfect little ass. Where does the "Loser" find these girls? One thing you gotta say about this guy: He might not know what to do with the girls once he finds them, but he definitely knows how to find them.

Anyway, when this scene opens, Kylie seems very nervous. She's jittery, as all first-timers should be, and the "Loser" does absolutely nothing to put her at ease. The thing we love about Kylie is that she's so real. Her bra and panties are normal-girl bra and panties, not stripper/porn star bra and panties.

But once she gets down to fucking--once the "Loser's" cock comes out--she proves that she's not a normal girl. She has the makings of a star. She sucks his cock deep and lustily, and when the "Loser" sticks his dick in her, she moans loudly because she's enjoying it. Before long, it seems as if Kylie has overcome her nerves, and she's done it by doing what comes naturally. Or cums naturally. Whatever.

The "Loser" has found another winner.

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Kelli Stone – Wear Me Out, Baby!

Wear Me Out, Baby!

Wear Me Out, Baby!

"One of my favorite parts of foreplay is stretching my mouth around a big cock. Some of my friends complain that their jaws get tired when they give BJs, but I actually like it when my jaw gets tired from sucking a dick. 'Cause that only happens to me when it's a big one, and if he can wear out my mouth with his dick, just imagine how my pussy will feel when he sticks it in there."

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”Daddy’s Girls Gone Crazy”

Movie review from – All Adult Network Tv


VAN NUYS, CA — While Daddy was away, these little sluts decided to play!  Abbie Cat is a rich and spoiled teenager.  At her daddy’s mountain house, she has organized a lavish and slavish orgy with her classmates Roxy Taggart, Rihanna Samuel, Laura Crystal, Aleska Diamond, Mandy Dee and Kristine Crystal.  These pretty little rich girls have it all — money, looks and more hard cocks than they know what to do with!  Private Media takes fans inside the lifestyles of the young, rich & dirty with ‘Daddy’s Girls Gone Crazy, available this week via leading adult video distributor Pure Play Media.

Set inside a lavish villa in a mountainous region of Europe,Daddy’s Girls Gone Crazy showcases what happens when some young, pampered lasses who were obviously “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” are left to their own devices after being given free reign of the beautiful mountainside resort.  Horny and looking to satisfy their kinky desires, these girls are eager to get the party started.

In Private Media’s ‘Daddy’s Girls G one Crazy, Kristine Crystalis woke up abruptly in the middle of the night to find herself horny as hell.  Hearing a few guys talking downstairs, she decides to see who is still awake and find out if they’d be into doing her in a late-night 3-on-1 with some DP-action included for good measure.  Mandy Dee and her man are a quarrelsome couple.  But when you have a busty girlfriend that’s as good-looking as Mandy is, you’ll find out that sometimes it’s just better to concede whatever she’s upset about and realize that the better option is to just drill her sweet little asshole.  Abbie Cat and Rihanna Samuel are really enjoying spending the night in this brand new mountaintop house.  They fancy walking the rooms in stilettos and sexy lingerie and decide to enjoy a bubble-bath in the home’s luxurious Jacuzzi-tub.  One of the male guests makes his way upstairs and ends up joining these sluts for a bathroom threesome.  Laura Crystal and Roxy Taggart are good friends.  They share many things together, including fucking each other. Tonight they have a male guest that doesn’t feel like being left out of the fun, so they decide to add a dick to their normally lesbian-only sexual escapades.  Gorgeous Aleska Diamond catches her man “red handed” as he’s jacking his cock while watching porn on his mobile.  She’s a bit disappointed to find her boyfriend needs video fantasies to get off, so she resolves to show him that she is the naughtiest and nastiest girl around.

Pure Play Media sales manager, Ms. Sonia commented, “Private Media has really delivered a first-rate hardcore title with ‘Daddy’s Girls Gone Crazy’ multiple award-winning director Ettore Buchi.  With scenes including girl-girl, threesomes, 3-on-1’s and DPs, this title has something for everyone!  Beautifully shot inside a high-end European mansion, fans will definitely enjoy watching these sexy brats take advantage of their daddy’s riches and their male guests.”

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Kitana – Taking One For The Team

Taking One For The Team

Taking One For The Team

The highlight of this scene is when Kitana, a tall, thin 22-year-old from Troy, New York, laughs at the loser's cock. We'd been waiting for that to happen for a long time, and here, it happens. But, first, some setup.

Kitana has long, black hair and a big tattoo on her back. She's wearing sexy panties, but we hardly get to see them because the Loser doesn't like to leave anything to the imagination and has her take it off right away. We get the feeling that Kitana is really into the tease (and probably spent a long time picking out those panties) and would have rather left them on because she knows how much guys love sexy panties. But the Loser, being a loser, has every girl do the exact same thing.

It's when Kitana is naked that she laughs at the Loser for the first time. He asks her, "Are you ready to get down and funky," which is language we haven't heard in a long time. Yeah, she's ready to get down and funky, and she's standing there totally naked when he asks her if she wants to back out.

Are you kidding?

But she might be having second thoughts when she sees the Loser's cock because that's when she breaks out in laughter. Yeah, it's a puny little thing, especially when it's soft, and it's likely that Kitana was expecting better. More, that is. After all, a chick gets into porn, she expects to get fucked by giant porn-stud cocks. Not this time, Kitana.

So, she gets down on her knees, controls her laughter and proceeds to take one for the team. That would be us. The team. Go, Kitana!

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Kirin Desado – Naughty After School Activities

Naughty After School Activities

Naughty After School Activities

"I always thought the janitor at my school was cute. He's this young, buff guy and I'd always make sure to wear a short skirt so I could bend over and flash him my panties. He definitely noticed me. So a few months passed and we kept playing this little peek-a-boo game and I was tired of it...I wanted to fuck. I stayed late after school one day on purpose. I caught him alone and told him to touch my pussy. Well, you know what that leads to...a load of cum all over my tongue!"

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Two amateur lesbians sharing a huge penis outdoors

This threesome have gone out to the country to enjoy some spicy weather. But they get radiant worked up on the ride out there. So they find a spot out in a meadow and the studs pants are immediately off! It’s all about sucking his shaft today so the first blonde girl bends over and starts to bob her head up and down on his his long hard penis. the other chick has her shirt unbuttoned and the stud is sucking on her boobies and grabbing the back of the head of the little blonde chick to make sure all of his member gets in her mouth! The weathers stunner but the throat job is better!

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Michelle Peters – Totally stuffed!

Totally stuffed!

Totally stuffed!

Lives: New Port Richey, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 21; Born: September 9; Ht: 5'3"; Wt: 118 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Victoria's Secret; Anal: Occasionally; BJs: Love salty jizz; Diddle: About once a week.

"I've accepted that I'm never going to have big breasts, but I'm happy with my bod the way it is. I got my little tattoo first, but I didn't think it made any kind of statement. So I did some looking around online and decided on the tattoo around my pussy. Lucky guys that get there will be sure to remember me for that, if nothing else, I hope. Johnny's cock filled me up completely and felt soooo good! I loved trying all the positions with him: doggie style was my favorite. I had a great orgasm and I was kinda disappointed when he couldn't last any longer and had to cum. I could have kept going for ages. Check out the video as well.

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Heather Anne – Vegas Honey

Vegas Honey

Vegas Honey

Ya gotta hand it to the Loser. He finds some good ones.

This time, we have Heather Anne, an 18-year-old brunette from Las Vegas who tells us, "I used to work at a strip club." Say what? Used to when? She's only 18, for goodness sakes!

After the Loser smartly decides not to take that line of questioning any further, Heather reveals that she stopped stripping because she couldn't dance. But, as you're about to see, she can definitely fuck.

Our favorite part of this video is when Heather is blowing the Loser's cock and her hair starts getting in the way. She kindly asks, "Could you pull my hair back?" knowing that with her hair in the way, we can't see the dick going in and out of her mouth. Obviously, Heather knows what she's doing.

As cute, little pieces of ass go, Heather's right at the top of our list. Five-foot-three but long legs, 105 pounds, 34-24-32, tight little body, B-cup tits. Hey, she's only 18. She's in mint condition!

So, after the Loser reminds Heather that she should be nervous, and after Heather tells us that her father, of all people, knows what she's doing, the sucking and fucking starts, and it's definitely worth a jack.

And by the way, Heather Anne, honey? You don't have to know how to dance to be a stripper.

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