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Lexee Nicole – Sudsy Slit

Sudsy Slit

Sudsy Slit

The shower is a special, private place for Lexee. "I have a lot of brothers and sisters, so I never had much privacy. The only time I could be alone was in the shower, and even then my time was limited. But I've always really enjoyed taking showers and baths because that's where I always masturbate. I love to put the shower head up against my pussy and let the water spray my pussy. I turn the pressure up high and cum so hard."

The suds on her pussy remind her of cum! "Before I ever had sex I was always curious about cum. So when I would take a shower I would lather myself up really good and pretend it was a guy's cum all over me." We can see how that comparison would arise, and luckily Lexee didn't have to wait too long to see the real thing!

Lexee also likes to get fucked in the shower. "Who doesn't love a good fuck in the shower? It's so hot and steamy and slippery and wet. That's everything sex should be!"

Lexee is another babe with an all-star starfish. Okay, maybe we're a little
obsessed with buttholes. Whenever we see a nice one we just have to point it out! Lexee's starfish is very nice. You can tell she takes care of it. "After I'm done cumming in the shower I make sure to clean myself really well. I always want my pussy and butthole to be squeaky clean and hairless. When I'm done showering, I always check my nether regions to make sure they're totally smooth."

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