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Kinky amateur selfshooting babes

Another batch of hot amateur selfshooting babes for all our Obsessed with Myself fans. We compiled these pictures for the hope that each and every kinky girlfriend right here will do their part in pleasing you in every little way they can. Let’s see… all I can say about this set is it’s downright burnin’ and all the sexy hotties we chose for today are really worth every bit of your time. has always been filled with visitors from all over the world and even if this is made entirely (well, ok, almost) of amateur slutty babes who love to take photos of themselves with or without clothes on, we still find a lot of these sexy kittens who wanted to do more than that. Well, not really too different from camwhoring, the only difference I think is that they don’t hold the cameras themselves and they get someone to take the photos for them for the purpose of doing “more” using their two hands. But today I picked a handful of these amateur chicks to let them show their skills in camwhoring while they make us hard and drool over their sexy bodies, nice perky breasts, shaven cunt, tight round ass, and some even go all the way and show everything and yeah, they become instant stars in a bunch of semi-conservative selfshooting bitches alright. These are amateur goodness that you shouldn’t dare miss out on so check this photo gallery now and enjoy our freshest picks for the day.

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Naked plumper posing outdoors

Anything kinky or mere sexy gets us all excited especially when these photos are taken outdoors and more especially (if that’s even possible) when the babe involved is an amateur fuck who doesn’t have a clue as to how many horny men they attract and make really fucking happy with what they are doing. My BBW GF refers to this picture gallery of a hot plump GF posing outdoors for her aspiring photographer boyfriend. Shots are quite good actually for some wannabe photographer, eh? Well, they both did a great job, yeah?, after all, only receives the best hot and wild pictures from the naughtiest girlfriends who know their way around making all of us want them every way possible. These pictures are all great and I bet each of it you will have something to “ponder on”. This was taken one hot day and even before they end up getting all sleazy on each other, they decided to take a spin and find a spot to chill and just feel the breeze. But it looks like that this amateur BBW fuck was the one who enjoyed the trip more and she went all the way just to really feel the breeze even in between those chunky legs of hers. She looks like she’s just posing inside a private room, getting all comfortable going naked standing up or lying down, showing her big juggs and shaven twat. I think she we won’t be getting any problems ordering her around in the bedroom coz it seems like she will do absolutely everything to please. Check out the full picture album right here and do something about your throbbing pet right there.

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Hot sexy lesbos flash their breasts

This is definitely another steamy My Lesbo GF edition that you will enjoy. In these photos, we have kinky amateur lesbos having the time of their lives in some victory party held two days straight and they’re obviously not going to waste any time just getting all charming and pretty. Well, what I mean is these wild GFs know more than just show their camwhoring skills and pose like any other amateur teens do. As you can see in these pictures, they all like have one goal in common and that is to show off their nice perky juggs and we all love that, don’t we? If you’re expecting to see lesbians in a more sexual action, well, this gallery won’t disappoint you with all the sexy lesbians getting all sleazy dsiplaying their fine juggs. Who wouldn’t like looking and drooling over these delicious mounds, yeah? Oh, and there’s one horny lesbo who got down and dirty sniffing one of the guests’ pussy too. Hmm… you won’t see that in any typical get together, it’s just right here on so you better tell all your friends about us and start browsing through tons and tons of photos of amateur lesbians here. I’m pretty sure there’s something for each of your tastes and you will not be wasting any time going over our collections coz all these horny lesbos have something really hot and kinky to show you. Enjoy the rest of the photo collection right here and do something about that swollen, throbbing cock of yours.

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Gorgeous wife shows her breasts and cunt

This is another sizzling hot photo collection of an amateur MILF getting kinky as she pose for her husband with and without clothes on. In this partcular post though, you’ll be seeing her expose her sexy body not just in their bedroom but in various places around their home even outdoors. She may be an amateur dirty wife but that doesn’t mean that she’s all shy to just have her pictures taken where only she and her hubby can see. made sure that this gorgeous MILF won’t waste her assets by making her husband take all these pictures of her and just keep it in their safety vaults to rot. You’ll see in these photos that she’s gone all the way in showing off her nice perky tits, her hot pussy, and at some point she displays her fine round firm ass too. See, she’s an entire package very worth sharing to all you Dirty Wives Exposed fans out there and I do hope you’re enjoying this photo gallery as I am. Well, we all are here and we won’t post anything that nobody will appreciate of course. So just visit the entire photo collection right here so you won’t miss out on the best stuff this amateur wife has to offer all of us today. Feel free to check her out over and over, as often as “needed”. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have my needs to attend to too.

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Huge chick posing for her boyfriend

This is another sizzling My BBW GF edition with yet another kinky chubby girlfriend ready to display her goods. This time around though it’s extra special for all you fans out there because these photos are mostly taken outdoors. Yeah, you read that right, outdoors. As amateur as this BBW may be, her boyfriend wanted to show off his hot sleazy thick slut for the first time, in public and quite literal at that. They went all the way from taking naked pictures of each other inside the bedroom to going outdoors to feel the breeze on their bare skin and make everyone else crave for them to do more. Well, knowing a bit about this wild heavy-chested honey, you’ll surely say that this is a huge step for her since she was dubbed a wallflower by most of her friends and surprisingly, a few of her constant fuck buddies. There were times that she’d like to get her pictures taken on top of parked cars just for the heck of it but even then she’d just pose on top of cars inside their garage and never let anyone else see them. This time around though we’re seeing all of her (almost) in her hot photo shoot. Like I said, she’s an amateur BBW who likes to explore more and see whatelse she can do while she flaunts her nice huge tits. She feels sexier wearing these lingerie and other tight-fitting clothes that really enhance her “curves” more and that’s what we love about her, that oozing sex appeal coz of her self-confidence. She likes showing off her big juggs, there’s no question about it and we’ll be more than happy to see more and more of her pretty soon, eh? Enjoy the full picture gallery right here and be back for more.

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Camwhoring sexy hotties

You wanted it, asked for it, and now Obsessed with Myself has come back for more of what you’ve been fantasizing about. We got another load of different amateur babes in this episode and all of them are certified hotties who will make you hard in no time. Let’s see… well, as far as I can tell, I like all the sexy bitches that I see in this photo collection (simply because I was the one who chose who should be in this post, so yeah, I’m a bit of a biased bastard). But you can’t blame me for being one especially when you get to see the entire album here. All of these GFs know how to strut their stuff, selfshooting in the nude or with clothes on or with little clothes on, you will see it all here. I especially like the ones posing naked showing off their nice big breasts, these things always work like magic pills that made me as hard as a rock and I’d be carrying this stiff dick the entire day and if I can’t get these hot images off my head I am in bigger trouble. So, got intrigued yet as to how hot and sexy these amateur bitches are? Well, you’ve come to the right place, clicking is the most brilliant idea you made today coz all these hotness will make you feel really special the entire day. All our kinky chicks are waiting for you now. Give them all your attention and I bet that you won’t regret spending time jacking off to these pictures and you will be back for more.

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Hot BBW selfshooting

What better way to show off your huge tits than to selfshoot and just flaunt the delicious twin peaks, right? gives you this new photo gallery of another sizzling amateur BBW who likes putting on really hot and sexy lingerie to accentuate her assets and every single picture in this post is just mouth-watering. Looking at her gigantic boobs, which I think will definitely choke my big hard cock and make me cum all over her face like spraying Windex on your car except that this fluid’s a bit more sticky and hard to clean. Sheesh… there’s nothing more to say in this post, really, coz all I see are huge round juggs waiting to be played with and I know you preverted guys out there are so damn hard right now and aren’t even paying attention to a word I’m saying. Ha! Yeah, like I am so focused right now, eh? No. This amateur BBW got my full attention that’s why I’m glad to share all her hot photos with you especially to those who have My BBW GF saved in their bookmarks bar and constantly check for new updates. Now you got that this chance to enjoy our hot amateur chubby beauty and you have all the time in the world to look at her pictures and those big yummy tits anytime you want. View the full photo collection right here and share with your friends about us too so we’ll have more BBWs to expose in the coming editions.

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Naked lesbian lovers in a hot photo shoot

One of the hottest things that I’ve seen are pictures of two amateur naughty lesbians doing dirty deeds together like they don’t care whoever might see them and don’t give a shit as to what the other people might think of their sizzling kind of girl-to-girl relationship. Well, that’s what is all about, all these horny amateur lesbian lovers can express themselves freely and in this special place they will be appreciated and fantasized about. Sounds nice, eh? Of course, it sounds nice, great even that these two babes gave their all — posing and pleasing each other in their own lil lesbo ways. As you can see in these photos, they obviously like being intimate by getting naked and feeling each other’s flushed skins and this closeness make them more horny. They often end up touching their partner’s butt cheeks, grabbing and squeezing tits, rubbing their pussy on whichever part of the body of their lover, and a lot of licking stiff nips. It’s one of my personal favorites, the licking of nips part. I dunno why but maybe, just maybe, I like the sensation that the action’s sending my horny radar. It’s like watching these lesbians‘ tongue lick the tip of my hard shaft when they lick each other’s nipples using those hot pointy tongue of theirs. I’m getting goose pimples as I look at the rest of their photos right here. Rawr! They both like surfin’ through My Lesbo GF and they even told us that they’ve seen a few of their Ex lovers in our hub and so they wanted to show them that they’ve moved on and having a lot of kinky time together. Check them out now and be sure to tell your friends about us.

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Kinky Asian hotties

Me and My Asian is always packed with various Oriental amateur honeys for all its fans and this edition is no exception. We bring you this steamy hot photo gallery of various sexy Asian chicks strutting their yummy goods. You won’t regret giving your free time to these girlfriends coz they’re all so sexy and hot and just ready to be the center of your wildest fantasies. Not like they have to beg for you attention, eh? The pictures right here are just some of the good stuff you’ll find in this special feature and I’m telling you now, the rest of them are as equally good to the perverted senses. These amateur Oriental beauties are all fans of our site and it’s nice to know that they’ve been clicking on all the chance they can get and spreading the hotness to their friends even. They like getting “inspired” by other amateur Asian chicks and so now it’s their turn to show their sexy bodies, with or without clothes on. Most of our horny GFs here posed with very little or no clothes at all and that’s really really good. You’ll be seeing a lot of skin, nice perky breasts}boobs, and to top it all of, some hot juicy twats waiting to be played with and fucked. They may be amateurs but don’t underestimate the power they have over wild and horny creatures like us. The way they present themselves in these photos are not something you would want to miss. So head over here to check out the rest of ‘em lot and enjoy feasting on these sexy hotties who will summon you back for more.

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Hot amateur girlfriends selfshooting

Time for a brand new steamy photo collection of the finest amateur chicks only here on This is a mix of various hot bitchy girlfriends admiring themselves, posing sexy and simply teasing our raging hormones, making our dicks stiff as the pits of hell. Oh, and don’t forget make us wild and horny as hell too. I feel like I’m a lost mongrel wanting to hump every hydrant that I come across and leave my sticky jizz on it and just hump the next dog-like thing that I see — nonstop. Ok ok… exaggerating much, you say? No. This Obsessed with Myself edition is really hot and I don’t think you would disagree with me when you see the entire picture gallery right here. These honeys camwhore just about anywhere they please as long as they look sexy and hot, which they all are in these photos. Some of them are quite conservative or plainly amateurs who don’t want to show more skin just yet but a few wanted to go all the way, showing off their breasts and even their shaven cunt. That’s what we all wanted, eh? But we have to be patient as these hotties slowly but surely show us more than just their vanity. I like the fact that even if these girls would pose with their jackets on, they still look fucking hot and I still wanted to fuck them (and really hard, if I might add). Sometimes it adds up to the excitement when we have to work our way into taking every piece of clothing off from these horny teens and it doesn’t hurt to do a bit longer in the foreplay. These amateurs love long and sensual foreplays, mind you. Check out all of our featured amateur babes now and enjoy feasting on their hotness and sexiness. Do wish to see them in hot fucking sessions soon coz we might just get that.

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